Baxter & Grimshaw Trust


 Background – Baxter & Grimshaw Trust, – London

The Baxter & Grimshaw (B&G) Trust was registered as a charity in 1990 by the Seven Seas Club in London with the objective to provide assistance for young people up to the age of 25 years old from a disadvantaged background with a financial grant towards sail/nautical training”.

The original funds to establish the London Trust were bequests from two long-term London Club Naval Officer Members. Since neither had family to inherit their estates, bequests were made to the London Club upon the basis that the Club would best determine how to use them to advantage.  The B&G Trust came into being.  It has assisted many young people in the U.K. to experience shipboard life.  Some have gone on to take up a career at sea or in associated activities.

Amoungst others, Past-Secretary Rowley King and Roger Ledo formed a close association with Members of the London Club.  In 2000, Rowley King and Roger Ledo determined to form a similar Trust associated with the Seven Seas Club of Australia.  The concept was supported by the London Club.  The Trustees in London made a significant early donation to the Australian B&G Trust.

 Baxter & Grimshaw Trust, – Australia

The Seven Seas Club of Australia Inc. Baxter & Grimshaw Trust was declared in 2001— it provides financial relief of needy and/or disadvantaged young persons under the age of 25 years for the purposes of nautical or sail training or to any nautical charity in accordance with the provisions of the Trust”.

There are five Trustees, including the standing President of the Club, who are required to be Members of the Seven Seas Club of Australia Inc..  Trustee’s names can be obtained from the Secretary, Baxter & Grimshaw Trust.  The management and finances of the Trust are the responsibility of the Trustees and are completely independent of the Seven Seas Club and its’ Committee of Management.  A Trustee of the B&G Trust presents a report on the operation of the Trust at the Club’s AGM in February each year.

The Seven Seas Club of Australia Inc. COM resolved that all funds raised by the Club for any reason become Club funds (Standing Orders, SO – 13th May 2009).   At the first COM Meeting each year, any funds in excess of an agreed amount may be donated to any organisation, provided they are used “To Promote and Foster the Comradeship of the Sea”The B&G Trust is one such recipient.  Other significant contributors to the Trust have been the Strang and Fabig families.

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Hannah Fabig on board ‘T.S. Lord Nelson’