B & G Foundation

Baxter and Grimshaw Foundation Inc.

Building self-confidence in disadvantaged youth through nautical training and experience

The Baxter & Grimshaw Foundation Inc. superseded the Seven Seas Club Australia Baxter & Grimshaw Trust which was discontinued in 2020.  The Foundation was incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act SA 1985 in April 2020 and was registered as a not-for-profit charity by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission in July 2020.

The Objects of the Foundation, similar to the Objects of the B&G Trust, are to raise funds to:

  1. Financially support young people (25 years old or younger), especially disadvantaged young people, to gain nautical training and/or experience through the Baxter & Grimshaw Scholarship Fund — opportunities that they might otherwise not normally have.
  2. Provide positive opportunities for young people to pursue a maritime career.
  3. Collaborate with agencies that work with disadvantaged young people and with agencies that provide nautical training and/or experience for youths.
  4. Financially support any nautical charity in accordance with the objectives of the Foundation.
  5. Perform other functions that are ancillary, incidental and conducive to attaining the Foundation’s objectives.

The Foundation is the only not-for-profit charity in South Australia that has its objects solely focused on providing a wide range of nautical training and experience for disadvantaged youth — it seeks to build on the achievements of the B&G Trust, having the advantage of being an incorporated and registered charity.  Information on the B&G Trust and some of its achievements are given in the link to the B&G Trust below.

The Foundation has a strong link with the Seven Seas Club of Australia Inc. (SSC) through the requirement that the Office-bearers of the Foundation are SSC members.

The inaugural Board of the Foundation comprises of Peter Allen AM, Chair; Scott Rickards, Secretary; Barry Allison, Treasurer; Roger Dunn, Director; Ken Messenger, Director; Stan Quin, Director.

The Directors of the Foundation welcome any suggestions that may support the success of the Foundation in achieving its objectives.

Scott Rickards, Secretary, can be contacted by e-mail: scott@personnelresource.com.au

Business Plan – BG Foundation 2020-2025

Hannah Fabig on board ‘T.S. Lord Nelson’

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