B & G Foundation Achievements

 Achievements of the Australian B & G Foundation

Baxter & Grimshaw Trust Scholarships

The Baxter & Grimshaw Trust offers financial Scholarships on a competitive basis to assist needy people under the age of 25 years gain nautical or sailing training.  The Trust pays the funds directly to the provider of the service to fulfil the Scholarship, with recipients contributing to the total value a sum as decided by the Trustees.  Recipients are required to address a dinner meeting of the Seven Seas Club of Australia Inc. on experiences gained through their Scholarship.  They are also required to provide a written précis on their experiences which the Trust can use to promote itself and help any fund-raising efforts.  The Trust denies all liability for any personal or material loss or damage howsoever arising from participation in a Scholarship.

Further information on the Trust’s Scholarships can be obtained from the Trust’s Secretary.

In 2005, the first Scholarships were awarded to three young women and two young men to join the sail training vessel, One and All, for an extended interstate training voyage.

In 2010, Mark Hassall was sponsored for a training voyage on the Young Endeavour.

“As a student, there was no way I could afford a trip on the Young Endeavour — without B&G Trust support, I would have missed a one-off chance to experience sailing on a tall mast ship in challenging conditions. I learned about sailing and navigation with crew mates and how to sleep in a pitching boat without falling out of bed!” Mark Hassall, now Ophthalmology Service Registrar, Flinders Medical Centre. 

In 2012, Emily Patching, Sally Rowett, Patrick Royle and Toby Sorakin received Scholarships to complete a Yachting Australia accredited Junior Instructors training course at the Adelaide Sailing Club.

“Without the generous funding from the B&G Trust, four students would not have been in a financial position to expand their sailing and leadership knowledge (through completing a Junior Instructors Training Course)”.  Wendy Carter, Adelaide Sailing Club Inc.

In 2013, Hannah Fabig, a disabled young woman, was awarded a Scholarship to participate in a training voyage, with her carer, on the English Tall Ship, Lord Nelson, sailing from Adelaide to Melbourne.  The Lord Nelson is designed to train able and disabled people.

“The B&G Trust Scholarship (to travel on the tall ship, Lord Nelson) contributed to Hannah’s personal growth — an overwhelming positive experience where she achieved something that many able-bodied people are afraid to try.”   Annie Fabig, mother of Hannah, a cerebral palsy sufferer.

In 2014, Zoe Greer was supported to complete Certificate III in Transport and Distribution (Coastal Maritime Operations: Master V) at the Maritime and Fisheries Academy, Port Adelaide Campus.

Trustees are always open to constructive suggestions regarding the promotion and use of the B&G Trust’s funds and, should further information be required, please contact Scott Rickards, Secretary of the Trust, who will be happy to assist. (Sept. 2016)

Zoe Greer

Zoe Greer

Click here to see the Australian  Baxter and Grimshaw Trust Brochure

The Baxter and Grimshaw Foundation has been able to sponsor various recipients over the past few years, if you click on the items below, you will download some examples of how the foundation is assisting young people in gaining experience on the water.

Laurence Byrne on the S.V. ”Tenacious” – 2017

One and All Youth Voyages 2017 & 2019

International Cadet World Championship, Argentina, 2016

Australian Maritime and Fisheries Academy, 2018







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