Guest Speakers we heard from in 2017

Jan 18th       Dinner Meeting – Banyan Night – Member Peter Allen showed  a video which was an entrant in our B&G sponsored WW 2 History Competition, plus he gave an update on the Murray River and the latest from P.S.Matilda.

Feb 15th      Dinner Meeting – Our Purser Dr. John Couper-Smartt talked on the incredible hardships and disasters in building the Panama Canal.        

Mar 15th      Dinner Meeting –  Our Annual General Meeting with the election of Club Committee , plus Member Ian Gordon’s son, Jim, provided an insight on the latest Sydney-Hobart race , plus some experiences aboard a Volvo 60.

Apr 19th      Dinner Meeting – Matthew Flinders Night.

May 17th     Dinner Meeting –  CMDR Andrew Burnett, Commanding Officer of Navy Headquarters, S.A. on the Navy in S.A.

June 21st    Ladies Night —     Annie Roberts, Operations Manager of the sail training vessel “One and All” will speak on thirty years of sail  training and future activities.              

July 19th     Dinner Meeting – Capt. Peter Thomas on ‘Misadventures of a Mud Skipper ’ – his accounts of his many years on the Murray.

Aug 16th      Dinner Meeting –  Member Ken Wood on “James Craig Sails Again” an account of the restoration of the barque James Craig.

Sept 20th     Dinner Meeting – Mark Sinclair on the re-enactment of Sir Robin Knox-Johnson’s epic world voyage and his preparation of ‘COCONUT’

Oct 18th      Dinner Meeting –  ‘Nelson’s Ladies’–Dr.John Couper-Smartt

Nov 15th      Dinner Meeting Grant Lock speaking on his new book “I’d Rather Be  Blind”. Grant directed Afghanistan’s largest eye care program until he himself became blind. He talks about his experiences , including some myopic attitudes to Islam, mental health and what makes us human.

Dec 1st        Ladies Night        Dinner Meeting with our partners and guests, including our annual auction and Nautical Quiz by Capt. Bob Smedley – no guest speaker.



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