Guests we heard from in 2019

17th January – Banyan Night. An evening of tall tales and true in the tradition of the sea.

20th February  – Mark Sinclair – Mark took part in the 50th anniversary of the  Golden Globe around the world yacht race. His boat ‘Coconut’ and he himself, did really well and he talked on the traditional navigation methods of communication and equipment required to be adopted for this race, the actual voyage and his experiences preparing for and making the passage. 


This meeting was also our Annual General Meeting where we  selected Office Bearers for 2019

20th March – Adrian Fechner – Scandinavian cruising. 

17th April – Flinders Night – Jane Southwood –The health of Flinders & Baudin during their voyages of discovery . 

15th May – Travis Robbins- Tug Boat Skipper. 

19th June – Beryl Morcom – Voyages on ‘Alona’.

“Upon retirement Beryl and Gil planned to cruise in the South Pacific in their 40-foot yacht Alona for a year or two. They enjoyed the lifestyle so much that, on finding themselves in Darwin, made the brave decision to keep sailing west around the world. This is the account of the many adventures they experienced over ten years of cruising and living the dream”

17th July – Dr. Peter Allen – Tall ships in Scandinavia.

21st August – Capt. Bob Smedley talked on an expensive and spectacular rescue at sea in the Nth. Atlantic 1000 miles from land using Blackhawk helicopters and a U.S. Air force C130 aircraft.

18th September – Geoff Boettcher  – Winning the Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race in ‘Secret Men’s Business”Secret Men's Business

16th. October –  Trafalgar Night – Wing Commander John Downing.

20th. November – Ken Wood talked about Shackleton’s voyage South in the Endurance, the eventual wreck of this ship, his time on the ice and the trek to Elephant Island, the building of the James Caird and the epic voyage to Sth. Georgia. Then finally the crossing of the island to safety and the eventual rescue of all the crew. This presentation was supported by photographs and video clips.Endurance

6th. December – Christmas Dinner/Ladies Night – Phil Tassiker  shared a presentation of his voyages as crew on board the tall ship ‘Tenacious’ which caters for disabled clients. We also held an auction of nautical items donated by members to raise funds for the Baxter and Grimshaw Trust, the charitable arm of the Club. Mark Sinclair, (our guest speaker from January) was inducted as a member.



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